Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Photography prompt 1

1. Place your camera onto aperture priority "A" or "TV". This allows you to change the F/stop aperture setting and your camera will sort the shutter speed for you
2. Pop your ISO onto 100 - 250 depending on your light situation.100 being outside and good lighting, 250 for inside with some natural light
3. Now move your fstop to the lowest number on your camera, this could be anything between 1.4 - 3.5. Focus on your subject, take your photo
4. Now move the fstop to 5.6 , snap. Next move to fstop 11, snap
5. Can you see a difference? Your first photo shows the subject in clear focus with a blurry background. The last photo shows all the area in clear focus!

These are my efforts for the day!
The camera I used was a Canon 400D


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Ahhh so that is how it works! Well Done :)

Mary B said...

Wow these are brilliant such good results

Julia said...

What a difference it makes changing the settings. I wish I could get my head round it. Must try harder with my camera.

willowthewysp said...

Im looking forward to having a go now!..

Jane said...

great photos shows perfectly what is acheivable

domestic goddess said...

brilliant shirley!!