Saturday, 29 March 2008

March 29th

"Right now is a good time."
Tote Yamada
Right now is a good time,
to start something new,
to hug someone in need,
to take time to relax.
What will you do right now!
I need a hug,
but Colin is away.
So I have put on my
new scarf and relaxed
in front of the camera!


Cass said...

Lovely soft picture. Love the scarf too.You can also have a (HUG) from me.
Cass xx

willowthewysp said...

Such a beautiful photo:)

Beejay said...

Beautiful photo

knitkath said...

Beautiful pic, you deserve a hug!

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Lovely scarf and make up too:D you look lovely xx

Claire aka Feline said...

Its a lovely soft photograph, only wish I looked that good infront of the camera xxx

moomoo26 said...

What a lovely picture Shirley!

Wendy said...

Shirley I found a link to photos of a hummingbirds nest sent through a yahoo group im in. And lo and behold when i scrolled down you page. I realised that you were the one who took the photos.They are truly wonderful and amazing photo's. Thanks so much for bringing such enjoyment.

Kay said...

Oh Shirley, you should have stayed with Sal and I. We had lots of hugs for you Honey. (((Hug))) Here's a little one to keep you going til Colin gets home. Love the piccy too! Can you make me look that good?