Monday, 21 April 2008

April 21st

1 : the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason
2 : sagacity or shrewdness in the management of affairs
3 : skill and good judgment in the use of resources
4 : caution or circumspection as to danger or risk
I am by nature a prudent person,
I always see the risk involved in any task.
In many ways I am over cautious and this can be
annoying at times.
My children always called it fussing
and now my granddaughter realises this
trait in me.
My family often tease me about this, one will say;
"What does Nanny say?"
and then the others respond in unison;
Maybe I was more of a risk taker when I was young!
The young do not know enough to be prudent,
and therefore they attempt the impossible,
and achieve it,
generation after generation.
Pearl S. Buck


Enfys said...

Lovely portrait and great quotes.

Cleo Crafts said...

Hi Shirley,
wise words this morning...maybe someday I will become more prudent too ;-)
louise x

Cass said...

Fab quotes. I think I'm a cautious person too.Lovely photo.

willowthewysp said...

Love your journalling today...i used to be a risk taker when i was younger..but am far more prudent these days!!!
Love the photo today:)

knitkath said...

Wise words and a lovely picture!

Mary B said...

I do so agree with that quote you have put on the bottom I am sure we become more wary as we grow older.

mandijane said...

I love your photo girls have a nana who believes in prudence and would have them wrapped in cotton wool 24/7 and woe betide any playgrounds.....scrawped knees, banged heads....LOL...

Steph said...

Very wise words ineed

Inspiration Alley said...

I love the photo. Being contrary, I probably take more risks as I get older and act less prudently than I did when I was young. I'm probably still too cautious though.

Jazzy1972 said...

Well reading that has proved to me I am not prudent lol and maybe I need to be much more LOL, great picture and quote. Jay xx

Angela said...

That picture is stunning and great quotes too