Monday, 10 March 2008

March 10th

We all know that we should be eating a balanced diet
and eat our 5 a day.
However, I think a balanced diet should always
contain Chocolate .
Recent research has confirmed that chocolate is
not always bad for you.
Like the research HERE says
everything in moderation.


knitkath said...

I so love your pics, always make me smile, this one is no different!

Kay said...

You monkey Shirley, there won't be any chocolate at my house tonight so good job you're having yours early.

Mary B said...

Oooo can we eat chocolate and not feel guilty thats good that is balance Hooray

willowthewysp said...

I love reading your blog!!!
Love your takes on the prompts:)

Scrappy~Sarah said...

That is definately my kind of balance! Fab pic!

Mrs_Tiggy said...

Wow really love this one Shirley. Really my type of bite!