Sunday, 9 March 2008

March 9th

This is me viewing a much used page of a recipe book.
These Crepes au Chocolat are so delicious and quick to make.
They are my perfect comfort food.
This dessert is a great hit with everyone who has tasted it.
I am sure some of my friends who will be reading this will no
doubt remember the the flavours as they read this!!!!!
The other bit of comfort I needed today was a plaster.
I do not usually wear Winnie the Pooh plasters
but when I cut myself doing a scrapbook layout
for my 365 album, it was the only one of the
right size I could find!
Mind you Winnie the Pooh has been giving comfort
to children at bed time for many years, my daughters
and grandaughter loved to hear about the antics
that went on in 100 Acre woods!


Kay said...

Arh Shirley, I hope Colin kissed it better too. I can't wait to try those crepes. You're booked for the day I reach target!

Minty Magic said...

Are you sure you have not been drinking Kay's Bacardi?

knitkath said...

Great take! Love the plaster, hope it heals soon!

Beejay said...

love it. Great plaster.

Mary B said...

Great take on today's prompt. Love comfort food and that plaster made me smile.

Debbie said...

Yum Shirley - can I come for tea?

Scrappy~Sarah said...