Friday, 2 May 2008

May 2nd

"There's no time like the pleasant."
Oliver Herford
This certainly applies today because today is
Colin's birthday and we have had a pleasant
day. I like to think that we always make the most
of our days. Being pleasant and happy really
is a way to live, why be miserable and unhappy
when life has so much to offer.
“Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world.”


Kay said...

Oh happy birthday Colin. I'm glad it ws a pleasant one.

Mary B said...

Oh well put Shirley Lovely cake too.
Happy birthday Shirley's DH glad you have enjoyed it.

Inspiration Alley said...

HAppy Birthday to Colin. Agree with your philosophy on life.

Linda Elbourne said...

Happy Birthday Colin! That cake looks yummy X

daydreamer said...

Happy Birthday Colin, hope you've had a nice one,lovely cake x :)

Minty Magic said...

He looks as pleased as punch with his cake.

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Happy Birthday Colin! Is there any cake left? Now that would make me happy!

willowthewysp said...

That is a lovely photo of your husband.
Im glad you had a pleasant day together:)

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Shirleys DH!
Another fab photo!

knitkath said...

that's a lovely picture, glad he enjoyed his birthday!